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Balayage and Ombré Hair Colour At Lloyds Hair Salon In Clonmel

Balayage and ombré hair colour techniques are amongst the most popular hair colour services at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, County Tipperary.  If you want natural-looking, beautifully sun-kissed hair colour, which requires little maintenance, we recommend choosing balayage.  By  contrast, ombré creates a more dramatic, graduated hair colour which looks stunning.  It's not hard to see why both are so popular.  Read on to find out the difference between balayage and ombré.

Please Note: We will also ask you to come in for a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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What Is Balayage?

The most popular hair colouring technique in recent years, balayage allows your Lloyds colour expert to create a natural-looking, long-lasting hair colour finish.  

Balayage is a French term which means to paint the hair. Your Lloyds hair colour expert will paint the hair colour on by hand.  We will emphasise the areas where the sun would naturally lift the hair, giving you a gorgeous sun-kissed look. The bespoke results will be less uniform than you may expect with traditional foil highlights.

How Long Will My Balayage Appointment Take?

The length of your balayage appointment will depend on the length of your hair and how much colour we are adding into your locks. We can add balayage colour throughout the lengths of your hair or just add a few face-framing highlights.

If your hair has been damaged by over-processing, your appointment will take longer as we will need to protect and even improve the condition of your hair so that it is ready for the hair colouring process. Book in for a balayage consultation where the Lloyds colour specialists will be able to assess the condition of your hair and discuss the balayage look that you are aiming for.

What Is The Difference Between Balayage and Ombré?

Balayage is a subtle hair colour technique where the hair gets gradually lighter towards the ends and highlights are lightly added to your roots. Ombré hair colouring produces a contrasting two-toned effect from root to tip. Ombré hair colour is darker at the roots and gradually becomes lighter towards the tips in a defined way.

How Do I Maintain My Balayage Hair Colour?

One of the reasons that our clients love balayage is that it is a low maintenance hair colour technique. The balayage method of highlighting is softest at the root area and more concentrated towards the ends of the hair, so you will not need to visit us quite so often for a hair colour service. To maintain your look we recommend that you visit Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel every 8-12 weeks.

Can I Have Balayage With Red Hair?

Of course! Balayage will look stunning on all shades of redheads, blondes, brunettes or even silvery grey hair. In addition to working with natural hair colours, balayage can be used to try out fashionable hair colours such as neon colours and pretty pastel shades.

Balayage and Ombré Hair Colour Appointment At Lloyds Hair Salon In Clonmel

If you’ve seen a balayage hair colour look you love, bring the image to your hair colour consultation and we’ll make it work for you! Book a hair colour consultation at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, County Tipperary.  Oe of our expert colour technicians will explain the balayage process, price and what can realistically be achieved with your hair. Call us on +353 52 612 5996 to book now. 

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