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Expert Hair Colour At Lloyds Hair Salon In Clonmel, County Tipperary

Hair colour is one of the most interesting and versatile fashion accessories you can use to help you to look your best and compete with ever-changing trends.

Having your hair professionally coloured at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, County Tipperary, can really change the way you look and feel.  Whether you are looking to cover any pesky grey hairs, get the latest fashion hair colour, have a beautiful balayage or correct hair colour problems, seeking advice from the hair colour experts is essential. 

Lloyds co-owner Thomas Cleary is a former L'Oreal Colour Trophy winner and leads the way when it comes to hair colour. Our stylists have all been trained in the salon and are the hair colour specialists in Clonmel, County Tipperary. 

When you're looking to change your hair colour, the first thing you should do is to book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with the experts at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, County Tipperary. 

We will take the time to discuss your hair goals, your lifestyle and get a feel for your personality to come up with a hair colour to suit you. If you have any photos that you have saved for inspiration, please bring them to your consultation so that we can see what looks you love!

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Please Note - If you haven't visited our salon in the last 12 months, a patch test is required at least 48hrs prior to a colour appointment. We will retest if any medical conditions change or if a woman becomes pregnant. 

Highlights & Lowlights

If you are searching for a natural-looking way to change your hair colour, highlights and lowlights may be ideal for you. Our expert hair colourists can create beautiful three-dimensional hair colour using multiple colours and shades applied on selected strands throughout your hair.

Highlights are perfect if you want to add natural sunk kissed tones to your hair. We can weave honey blondes, ash or caramel colours throughout your hair to lift your base colour. Lowlights are ideal to add depth to one-dimensional hair colour and can be used to create some stunning hair colours.

Blonde Hair Colours

If you are longing for beautiful blonde hair colour, our experts can find the blonde hair tone that is ideal for you. We can add blonde highlights to darker hair to give you a sun-kissed look, or pre-lighten your hair to help you achieve a beautifully light blonde hair colour.

Hair Colour For Redheads

Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful red hair colour. Whether you opt for a full head of red hair colour or we can add copper and darker red highlights or lowlights.  Some people prefer to gradually build up their hair colour so they can get used to being a redhead, while others want an instant and dramatic hair colour makeover. Speak to our experts about how we can create beautiful red hair colour which is perfect for you. 

Balayage & Ombré

We can create beautiful ombré and balayage hair colours by adding subtle, or not so subtle (if you choose to add fashion hair colours), highlights throughout your hair.   Balayage means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’ in French and involves hand-painting highlights onto your hair to create a beautiful sun-kissed effect.  We also offer ombré hair colouring which will give you a more defined contrast where hair becomes markedly lighter towards the ends. Both techniques can include fun fashion hair colours if you want to change your look but not fully commit to a bold all-over colour. 

Fashion Hair Colours

If you are a style maven who constantly changes their look with the latest fashion colours, book in with the fashion hair colour experts at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, County Tipperary.

We can create a wide range of fashionable hair colours including silver grey hair colour, pretty pastel hair tones and vibrant blues, reds and even neon hair looks.  Plus, using the brilliant Schwarzkopf and Keune Organic Hair Colour range, we can create thousands of bespoke hair colours designed to protect and nourish your hair whilst adding stunning colours. 

Hair Colour Correction

So you've had a hair dye disaster at home or in another salon and you're panicking. We completely understand but we're here to help! Your main priority is to call the hair colour correction experts at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel.

We can book you in for a complimentary colour consultation, provide tea and sympathy and assess your hair colour problem. We will give you a realistic solution on how our specialists can rectify and restore your hair colour. It's so important that when hair colour goes wrong you seek advice from the professionals immediately - and DO NOT attempt to colour over the problem area yourself. 

Book Your Hair Appointment At The Top Hair Salon In Clonmel

If you are looking to refresh your hair colour or have a complete hair colour transformation, you should book with the hair colour experts at Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, County Tipperary. Call us to book your hair colour consultation on +353 52 612 5996.