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Sweet Professional Keratin Hair Smoothing treatments Clonmel salon

Sweet Professional Hair Smoothing Treatments
At Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel, Tipperary

Is frizzy hair getting you down?  Are you struggling with unruly, unmanageable locks?  Don't worry - we have the perfect solution at our Clonmel hair salon!

Book an  appointment for a Sweet Professional keratin hair smoothing treatment.  This revolutionary 12 week blow dry is an intense keratin treatment that combats frizz and softens your hair, making it much easier to style.  It doesn't remove your curls or leave your hair poker straight, but instead it leaves it sleek, silky soft and manageable.

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How Does Sweet Professional Keratin Treatment Work?

The treatment is based around a formaldehyde free shampoo, The First Shampoo, that contains proteins that naturally occur in the hair.  It is composed of organic amino acids and is designed to give you gorgeously soft, sleek hair without the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.   If your hair is thicker or more unruly, we may also recommend our 3-step straightening treatment for even sleeker results.

Sweet Professional Keratin Smoothening Treatments Clonmel Hair Salon

Super Fast Hair Smoothing Treatments

Sweet Professional smoothing treatments are known as the fastest in the world!  The treatment takes just 90 minutes to complete, which is considerably faster than many other systems, whilst not compromising on results.

How Long Will The Results Of My Keratin Treatment Last?

Provided that you follow the home care instructions, the results will last up to 3 months.  

We will provide you with full home care instructions at your initial consultation and can recommend the correct aftercare products to maintain your treatment at home.

Book Your Hair Smoothing Treatment With Lloyds Clonmel Hairdressers

Call 0526125996 today to speak to our expert stylists about what this treatment could do for you.  We will assess your hair and tailor your treatment to suit your specific hair needs and concerns.

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