The Team

Which Stylist Or Colour Technician Is Right For Me?

Not sure which stylist to ask for when you visit Lloyds Hair Salon in Clonmel?  Below we explain the different levels of stylists to help you choose - and we are always happy to help you make your decision if you are unsure.

Our Stylists have all been trained the Lloyds way or, if they have worked in other salons, they have retrained and upskilled to our standards. Every stylist has completed training in all aspects of hairdressing, in particular cutting, colouring and communication. They have also completed colour courses starting with the basics right up to advanced hair colour theory and application with leading colour houses L'Oréal and Schwarzkopf.

Our Senior Stylists have completed all of the above but have more experience as well as completing a Master Colour Degree.  This means they can also do colour corrections and more advanced colour work such as balayage and ombre techniques and complex fashion colours.  All have attended cutting and colouring courses in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Cork where they enjoy creating new ideas and being inspired.  Senior stylists specialise in cutting and colouring in the salon.

Our Masters of Hairdressing have completed all of the above but truly dedicate themselves to their craft, having spent extensive time in London over the years to add extra dimensions to their hairdressing. They have a huge clientele and are always in demand.  They are an inspiration to all of the team and lead the way when it comes to cutting, styling and colouring.

Meet The Team

Our Directors

Thomas and Frances are wonderful role models for their team.  Both worked for a large hairdressing company in Dublin and managed salons before opening Lloyds Hairdressers in Clonmel.  

Thomas is a colour expert who has worked with international colour houses including L'Oréal, Wella, Schwarzkopf and Alfaparf.  His colour expertise has filtered down through the salon to ensure all our colourists are very skilled when it comes to colouring your hair. 

Frances is a master haircutter who worked with the renowned Sassoon Salon Group to perfect her cutting skills.  She shares her knowledge with the Lloyds stylists who are trained in-house to ensure we have a team of excellent cutters waiting to create the perfect hairstyle for you. 

Our Stylists

Heather has worked with us for 3 years and has built up a great clientele.  She excels in creating classic and on-trend short haircuts and hair colours. 

Mark joined us 3 years ago and has made quite a name for himself doing beautiful balayage work.  He loves hair colouring and would be happy to focus on this all day long!

Stefano joined Lloyds as a young stylist at the beginning of 2020.  He has progressed through Lloyds training program and is now on our styling team.  Stefano particularly loves colour work and creating looks for long hair.

Jennifer has been with us for 3 years and has built up a great following of loyal clients. She loves creating beautiful and natural sun-kissed balayage and baby lites.

Our Senior Stylists & Master Colourists

Stephanie is our salon manager and has worked with Lloyds for 8 years.  She loves all aspects of hairdressing and specialises in short haircutting and creating trendy colour looks to match her haircuts.

Roz has worked with us for 6 years and is the go-to expert if you are looking for a complete hair transformation.  She can take years off a guest by restyling the hair and changing the colour. Roz gets her inspiration from the world of fashion and the catwalks.

Lydia is another of our talented senior stylists. She has been with us for 7 years and loves doing creative work. Lydia is happiest creating vibrant coppers and gorgeous red hair shades.

Sarah is one of our longest-standing team members, joining Lloyds 20 years ago.  She is also a master colourist and there is nothing she does not know about hair colour!  Sarah is happiest doing colour corrections and changes. 

Leana started her hairdressing career at Lloyds and has been with us for 14 years.  She loves doing short haircuts and beautiful colours to complement your new style.

Gosia has been with us for 14 years and loves nothing more than doing fabulous hair colour and creative haircutting.

Our Master Stylist

Siobhan is our Master Stylist. She has been at Lloyds for 22 years and has travelled extensively to improve her cutting and colouring skills. Siobhan has an extensive and loyal clientele who love her work.  She is very dedicated to her craft and is an inspiration to all of us at Lloyds.   Please note that Siobhan is usually booked out weeks in advance so pre-booking is essential.